Seb Lecocq

Work included
Logo Design
Brand Identity
Stationery Design
Website Design

Project Overview

Seb Lecocq is a French born Sydney based web developer who creates website and apps. He has developed highly detailed large projects as well as smaller websites. I was approached to design a brand identity that would help him stand out. Previously trading under Croissant Lab we decided that using his name was a more upfront and accountable approach. When analysing Seb’s capabilities and approach we determined that when it comes to online media he was without limits. This is where the idea for the ‘∞’ infinity symbol originated.

To accompany the logo mark I looked to express the act of taking a flat design and making it into a moving functional website or app. Three high contrast patterns were developed reminiscent of the op-art period using three common coding characters <, { and ; the result is a set of patterns that appear to move or ‘strobe’ even when still.

Web development: Seb Lecocq, Photography: Robin Hearfield and Harley Johnston.

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